Capuano Early Childhood Center

Somerville, Massachusetts

  • FIRM

    HMFH Architects


    Somerville Public Schools

  • AREA

    80,200 sq.ft.





Situated on the edge of a city park in a dense residential neighborhood, this pre-K to first-grade facility serves students from around the city and provides full-day programs aimed at reading and language readiness, as well as an extensive after-school program.

The energy-efficient Capuano features bright classrooms with either skylights or light shelves to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$186.00CITATIONElementary School CitationFEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio daylight, a well-documented factor in improved learning. Classrooms, decorated with playful colors, feature cozy, house-shaped, child-sized nooks that help ease the transition between home and school.

As the first LEED-registered public school in New England, Capuano is a high-performance leader. It has a 35 kW photovoltaic system, building systems that reduce energy costs by more than 38 percent, and a drip irrigation system that significantly reduces water usage. The project received significant funding from a local utility company and a “Green School” grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.

Because of its park-like location, Capuano is a community resource. It has a full-size gymnasium and cafetorium, as well as community gardens, soccer fields and basketball courts.

"Cheerful and imaginative, a challenge to creativity. The tile in the walls allows a child to imagine many different images."--2004 jury