Lakota Early Childhood Center

West Chester, Ohio

  • FIRM



    Lakota Local School District

  • AREA

    65,957 sq.ft.





Turning a section of the old high school into a districtwide early childhood center raised many questions in the district. It was difficult to imagine using the building for young children until 3-dimensional images were developed to illustrate the conversion.

Now, playful carpet, colorful cubbies and tackboards displaying student work fill the hallways. A ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY625COST PER SQ FT$10.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized reading nook has replaced a locker bay area and a more open administration area welcomes young children and parents. Smaller classrooms, once considered undesirable by teachers, became coveted shared resource rooms. Fixtures and counters were lowered throughout the school and child-sized furnishings fill the rooms. Windows were tinted to lower heat gain, and every room is wired for technology.

Separation from the rest of the building, now a 9th-grade school, was achieved with new walls and security doors. On the exterior fencing, curbs and tree lines separate the two schools. Two playgrounds were added, one specially designed for preschoolers.

Photographer: ©Bill Swartz and ©Seth Boyd