Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Crossroads Cafe & Lounge

Boston, Massachusetts

The college sought to create an active public face for the new cafe and student lounge, which was in an underutilized and featureless space away from the activity nodes of campus.

The 5,500-square-foot project includes two large laptop-friendly classrooms that expand the college’s instructional areas, a student lounge, a prepared-foods cafe and a catering kitchen ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$63.00FEATURED IN2004 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCafeterias/Food-Service Areas college functions. The design creates synergies among individual spaces, and complements the college’s nearby main entrance and the central atrium.

The design for the Crossroads Cafe and Lounge creates a mellow “jazz” environment using wood flooring; inset concrete floor tiles and custom carpeting for ground seating arrangements; combinations of decorative and architectural lighting; a mixture of warm and cool color palettes; and finishes that juxtapose patina and highly-polished textures. The lounge’s irregularly sized and spaced columns and windows led the design team to establish order by creating an implied grid in the space using lighting, HVAC grilles and ceiling plane changes of thin drywall soffits suspended in layers to create a basket-weave effect.

"Very sleek, amazing transformation. Great `bang for the buck.`"--2004 jury