Lebanon Valley College, Peace Garden

Annville, Pennsylvania

The goal was simple: identify and design a peaceful space for use by the Lebanon Valley College community. The college asked the architects to determine the appropriate place on campus for this unique, outdoor retreat and design the space as an escape from the hectic events of campus life. From this initial goal came its name: The Peace Garden.

The architect worked ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCITATIONLandscape Architecture CitationFEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYLandscape students, faculty and staff throughout the design and construction phases to incorporate specific elements into The Peace Garden. The garden has three areas: an entry with tree bosque, a reception area for more formal gatherings, and a lawn area for passive recreation and retreat. Within the passive area are a spring house, pond and waterfalls.

The design team provided construction administration and intensive site-observation services throughout the project. Now complete, the garden’s aesthetic form has been combined with function, transforming a lawn area into a vibrant place for learning about life.

Area: 1 acre

“Involved students and staff in planning. Varied spaces and textures. Many small, intimate spaces. Provides ‘decompression’ areas to relieve pressures of daily life.”--2003 jury