Mount Notre Dame High School

Reading, Ohio

  • FIRM

    MSA Architects


    Mount Notre Dame High School, Inc.

  • AREA

    166,152 sq.ft.





Because of crowding and changes in educational-delivery methods, the existing 1960s-era, 800-student Mount Notre Dame High School campus has limited the school’s ability to fulfill its educational mission. The architect developed a campus master plan for the landlocked school to determine the most feasible expansion and construction options.

During the process, the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$148.05FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning team met with 25 user groups representing faculty, staff, students and parents to determine immediate and long-term needs. It performed a comprehensive analysis of the existing square-footage allocations. Through this process, a master plan was developed that includes:

-Renovation of the existing 113,000-square-foot building.

-A 5,500-square-foot chapel/religious education addition.

-A 5,000-square-foot entry lobby/administration addition.

-A 22,500-square-foot classroom/media center/cafeteria addition.

-Renovation and expansion of the existing fine-arts complex.

-A 7,500-square-foot multipurpose room.

The plan was designed to allow for incremental construction phasing, and the school is developing a capital campaign.