Moses Brown School, Campus Plan

Providence, Rhode Island

Founded in 1784, the Moses Brown School offers a college-preparatory program through 12th grade in Providence, R.I., a city known for its commitment to academic excellence. The Moses Brown School believes that, while its spirit is well-rooted in the Quaker traditions on which the school was founded, its academic success depends on maintaining a campus responsive to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning trends in contemporary education. In order to ensure that the school could continue enriching the academic lives of children in the new millennium, Moses Brown commissioned a campus master plan.

The master plan was developed in collaboration with the school community. Among the many issues identified was the desire that all improvements be respectful of the historic context, the need to bring gender equity to a campus that had at one time educated only young men, and a requirement for the new construction to serve as academic “swing space” during the delicate task of renovating historically significant 200-year-old buildings.

The initial phase of the campus master plan includes:

•A fieldhouse addition to provide athletic locker rooms and fitness facilities.

•Buildings and Grounds storage, and a maintenance facility that resembles the carriage houses that once graced Providence’s East Side.

•A site-improvement program that features new cobblestone drives, which bisect the campus to provide contextual vehicular access through a landscape that once was purely pedestrian.

•Athletic field improvements, such as a new softball field and all-weather track.

•Ross House, a wing of classrooms added to the original 1819 campus centerpiece building, initially serving as the school’s relocated middle school, facilitating renovation of the existing middle school. Upon completion of the master plan’s next phase, this building ultimately will serve as home to the music department, adjacent to the proposed performing-arts center.

Future phases of the campus master plan propose an Upper School Science facility, Lower School classroom additions and continued renovations throughout the campus. The Moses Brown School is as proud of its future as it is of its historic past.