Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP) Child Development Center

Somerset, New Jersey

The new Child Development Center for the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP) provides childcare and educational development within the guidelines of the Somerset Head Start Program.

The facility provides a comprehensive learning program, including computer training and distance learning. Administrative offices, registration, a nurse’s office, conference areas, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY192COST PER SQ FT$180.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress kitchen and an 1,800-square-foot multiuse indoor play area support these programs. Eight 1,100-square-foot classrooms each include a 215-square-foot storytelling area, cubbies, and toilet and teacher areas. The high ceiling of the storytelling areas adds interest to the classroom’s interior.

The facility establishes its own identity by occupying 3.5 acres at the edge of a mixed-use campus. Its playful, bold and richly colored forms help form its identity and establish an educational entity, with appropriate context, in the surrounding community.

The building’s functions are expressed in the plan’s organization. All classrooms and the two adjacent infant rooms are organized around a double-loaded corridor and are open to the L-shaped play area. The administrative area is at the building’s formal entry, flanked by support spaces. The L-shaped corridor terminates at the indoor play space.