Highland Elementary School

Ambridge, Pennsylvania

The exterior language of Highland Elementary School draws from the industrial architecture common to the commercial history of its region. This is most evident on the facade of the classroom wing, where the large windows and architectural louvers create a mirrored rhythm along the length of the building. The suspension bridge tower at the main entrance is a tribute to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY711COST PER SQ FT$138.82FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress members who once were employed by the local steel and bridge-building companies.

The most exciting part of the school’s interior is the Learning Core, a large, naturally lighted open space that houses the library, two technology labs, the library workroom and circulation space. It also serves as an academic hub by providing access to the major communal spaces from an open circulation loop.

The vibrant colors and playful spaces of the school’s interior create an exciting environment for learning and teaching, but do not ignore the fact that the building needs to appeal to persons ranging in age from 5 years to adulthood.