Barnard College, Altschul Lehman Auditorium Renovation

New York, New York

The project scope renovated an existing facility into an auditorium with full audiovisual capability for use in science class instruction, special assemblies, and lecture and film presentations.

The design incorporates all the control flexibility that such a technically sophisticated space requires. The auditorium’s audio/video technology permits the speaker to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY233COST PER SQ FT$560.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation the system from the front of the room. Wall-mounted video cameras record events in the auditorium or send images to the media control room for wider distribution. Audio is handled by two audio subsystems: program audio and speech audio. Plug-in microphones record student audio and send signals to the media control center for distribution.

The wall treatment was conceived as an acoustic baffle that would soften the resonance of the hall to enable audience participation and interaction with speakers.

Specialty lighting provides spot downlights and theatrical stage lighting. The lighting is configured to work as low-level background for students to take notes for lecture presentations and seminars.