Penn State Erie, Larry and Kathryn Smith Chapel, and Floyd and Juanita Smith Carillon

Erie, Pennsylvania

The brick-clad chapel at The Behrend College, Penn State’s Erie campus, stands on a hillside along the main pedestrian route through campus. The landmark chapel, with its wood- and tile-finished sanctuary, multipurpose room and classrooms, has become an inspiring and important landmark for students, faculty and staff.

Seminars, scheduled classes and social gatherings ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY150COST PER SQ FT$259.89FEATURED IN2003 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized as weddings are held in the new chapel. Multi-denominational worship services are held regularly. The sanctuary is soaring, uplifting and light, offering respite from the often-hectic college life.

Ancillary spaces include a large meeting room, furnished for formal and informal gatherings; several professional offices for chaplains and support staff; and an open central staircase, clad in natural slate, which acts as informal meeting space.

The bell tower stands 80 feet tall and is the most visible structure on the campus. The carillon, with its 48 cast bells, offers melodies every hour, making the Smith Chapel an integral part of each student and staff member’s daily life.