Yale University, Prospect Place Modular Buildings

New Haven, Connecticut

Eight Prospect Place was designed as a temporary building to provide swing space for the Yale University Political Science Department while permanent buildings were planned. It houses two classrooms, meeting rooms, graduate student workrooms, faculty offices and department headquarters. Its design augments standard modular construction to fit on campus, and still meet ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCITATIONSpecialized Facility CitationFEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio and schedule requirements.

The building is constructed of 21 factory-built modular units that sit on concrete piers to minimize sitework and costs. The units were clad with metalflake-painted corrugated steel panels on site. The roofs of the units slope lengthwise to drain into pipes hidden between interior walls. Rooftop heating and cooling units hide behind long, low walls clad in corrugated metal.

The building is arranged as three long bars stepping around an entry court and porch. Sleek ribbon windows slide by each other in Fibonacci rhythms to give the building a sense of speed.

Inside the building is a simple, double-loaded corridor. A DeStijl patterning of standard ceiling lights and end windows animates the waiting room and hallways. Maple doors, furniture and cabinetry add another touch of elegance.

"A playful and skilled design intelligence exhibits itself in this simple, short-term building. Delightful!"--2003 jury