Star Elementary School

Hastings, Michigan

The planning committee for Hastings’ Star Elementary School formulated several educational and physical goals that the new facility was required to accomplish. The building had to blend in with the natural environment to minimize its impact on adjacent homes. Classroom space was to be divided into lower and upper elementary, with specialty rooms located in between. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY445COST PER SQ FT$120.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio was expected to be flexible and provide for after-school uses, maximize technology capabilities, and offer instructional opportunities in circulation areas.

In response to the criteria set forth, the design team developed a Y-shaped plan consisting of lower elementary, upper elementary and specialty classroom wings radiating from a central gathering area. The gathering area functions as entry lobby, circulation space and community/student learning area. The media center is between the lower elementary and upper elementary wings for maximum accessibility and educational program support. The building arrangement allows for some or all of the wings to be closed off. Due to their location and program importance, the media center and gathering area were given additional design emphasis, internally and externally.

Photographer: ©Michael Morin Photography