St. Louis Community College at Meramec, South County Education and University Center

St. Louis, Missouri

  • FIRM

    Hoener Associates, Inc.


    St. Louis Community College

  • AREA

    59,500 sq.ft.





The new South County Education and University Center was constructed on a 17.8-acre site as an extension center for the St. Louis Community College Campus at Meramec. The facility was programmed and designed to accommodate current educational requirements as well as future programs.

The project consists of eight medium classrooms, nine large classrooms, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY968COST PER SQ FT$176.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio telecommunications classrooms, three computer classrooms, one general-science classroom, an academic and student-support center, an administrative area, reception deck, assessment testing room, faculty offices, lounge, conference room, work room, technical support office, multipurpose room, commons/Internet cafe, bookstore/concessions, maintenance, receiving, janitorial, building storage areas, mechanical, electrical, telephone and data equipment, public circulation lobby and restrooms.

The data network was designed to provide all classrooms and work areas with fast, reliable network access. The equipment is capable of supporting voice, data and video applications simultaneously.

Telecommunications closets are placed strategically to help facilitate and support the high demand for network cabling.

The HVAC system features a dedicated makeup-air system to precondition the ventilated air. An energy-recovery wheel in the makeup-air unit reduces the energy demand for the operating cost of providing ventilation air. Common spaces, such as the multipurpose room, use carbon-dioxide sensors to reduce energy demand when spaces are lightly occupied and increase the ventilation when spaces are occupied for larger events. The HVAC systems are controlled by an energy-management system, which is monitored off-site by district personnel, and allows them to communicate via graphic screens over the district’s wide-area network.