Deep Run High School

Henrico County, Virginia

  • FIRM

    Moseley Architects


    Henrico County Public Schools

  • AREA

    249,096 sq.ft.





The direction from the school district was clear: “exemplify a 21st-century educational facility…be innovative and functional as well as attractive…not look institutional and not look like a typical high school.”

The project site is adjacent to a public park, an elementary school, a subdivision and an office park, so the facility is designed to project the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,800COST PER SQ FT$125.61FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio of an office building rather than a typical high school that uses heavy masonry materials. The building juxtaposes masonry, metal panels, sloping roofs, exposed structure and glass to accomplish a unique look.

The school accommodates a comprehensive 1,800-student high school serving grades 9 to 12 and Henrico County’s “Specialty Center for Computer Sciences.”

The design also supports and encourages community use by allowing after-hours access to the gymnasiums, auditorium, commons, Center for Information Services, and the Specialty Center for Computer Sciences, with the capability of closing off the academic areas.

The infrastructure system provides voice, video and data capabilities to every educational and staff space.

The school has an 1,800-capacity gymnasium, a 900-seat auditorium and a 3,000-capacity football/soccer stadium. An academic atrium and wall anchor the facility and provide access to all public and academic spaces.