Mendota High School

Mendota, Illinois

  • FIRM

    DLA Architects, Ltd.


    Mendota Township High School District 280

  • AREA

    143,765 sq.ft.





The design of the new high school for Mendota Township District 280 consisted of a facility designed for 650 students with core facilities designed for 750 students.

The organization is centered on a media center that branches out to the administrative offices, student-services offices, the academic wings and the cafeteria.

The academic wing consists of general, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$122.00FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio and special-education classrooms, and high-tech, computer-media labs with faculty offices nearby.

The school’s athletic wing includes an auxiliary gymnasium, a fitness/weight room and a dynamic competition gymnasium with seating for 2,000.

The performing-arts department consists of band and chorus rooms with corresponding storage and practice areas, and a 550-seat auditorium with acoustical enhancements, a sound system and support spaces.

The sitework responds sensitively to the sloping landscape upon which the high school is situated. The raised positioning of the building allows students and faculty to have a stunning view of Lake Kakusha to the south. The parking lot is designed for 432 vehicles.