South Valley Middle School

Liberty, Missouri

  • FIRM

    ACI Boland Architects


    Liberty Public School District #53

  • AREA

    119,080 sq.ft.





The sixth and seventh grades were designed as separate communities on each side of the building, around a media center. Small-group instructional areas were designed in each community for breakout and team instructional areas. A large-group instruction area is situated in the building’s center for use by all communities. Exploratory classrooms also are situated ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY750COST PER SQ FT$101.50FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio to reduce crossover student traffic.

The communities can be secured from the main activities portion of the building to better accommodate evening use without compromising security. The desire for natural light in the music and art areas was accomplished by introducing clerestory design with diffused light glass blocks.

The school is situated along a new collector street on a 90-acre property adjacent to a residential neighborhood. The athletic fields were relocated away from the neighborhood to attenuate spillover noise.

The building is a one-story construction, slab-on-grade with masonry-bearing walls with sloping steel roof framing and a cold-process, multi-ply, high-quality roof system.

Computer labs are situated in the small-group instruction space of each community. The two main computer labs are hard-wired near the library. One lab is open, and the other is scheduled for application labs. Computer wiring closets have room to allow conversion to wireless systems.