Russell Springs Elementary School

Russell Springs, Kentucky

Russell Springs Elementary School was designed to provide an ideal educational surrounding for students; safety and comfort are a priority. Because children constantly learn from their surroundings, all involved believed the school itself should be a teaching tool.

The school’s interior became the project’s main focus. Primary colors and angles are used as ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$92.22FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio elements. Everything from walls and windows to the ceramic tile flooring were joined at various angles instead of the standard 90 degrees. The fun, colorful atmosphere is enhanced with giant crayons and produces a welcoming environment in which young students can learn.

The exterior also was important to the district, so the architect designed a traditional schoolhouse motif using a brick exterior with a burnt-red metal roofing system. A clock tower provides storage.

The canopy at the entrance protects the students at the dropoff and pickup area, which leads into a cathedral foyer. The entrance is accented with bright primary colors, a design element used throughout the facility.