Ekstrand Elementary/Early Childhood Center

DeWitt, Iowa

  • FIRM

    Rambo Associates, Architects


    Central Clinton Community School District

  • AREA

    27,500 sq.ft.





This innovative Early Childhood and School/Community Activities Center addition illustrates a leading-edge design for educational and community use. Educational delivery was enhanced with specialized teaching areas, including areas for exploratory learning, resources/technologies, art, music and shared school/community multiuse. Easily accessible learning areas flow ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY520COST PER SQ FT$69.93FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio to support the blending of new early-childhood programs with elementary and community-service needs. The plan creates a feeling of identity for specific student groups, and provides student/teacher/parent interaction spaces designed for maximum efficiency, functionality and accessibility.

District patrons balanced imaginative, forward-looking educational goals with economic challenges to formulate a long-range tax and cost-management plan. Superior-quality design, construction and operating efficiencies were achieved through independent cost-management consultants. This saved taxpayers nearly 20 percent compared with regional averages using traditional architect or construction management-driven approaches. Grant awards recognized the project’s cost-effectiveness.