Mary Paxton Keeley Elementary School

Columbia, Missouri

  • FIRM

    Hoener Associates, Inc.


    Columbia Public School District

  • AREA

    98,000 sq.ft.





This two-story elementary school accommodates 650 students and blends the facility into a growing residential community.

The program requirements include 29 classrooms, a six-classroom kindergarten wing, an art room, science room, computer lab, media center, music room, gymnasium/stage, kitchen, cafeteria, and administrative and counseling space.

Site traffic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$95.76FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio were developed to separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows and to provide a separate bus loading area.

The commons space creates a natural buffer between service/gymnasium/cafeteria activities and the more subdued academic classroom wings. It also provides an ideal location for holding after-school activities and community social gatherings.

The building materials used on this project provide a dramatic and elegant appearance, and the durability and maintenance-free characteristics of the masonry provide the community with a sound investment.

The building has a structural-steel frame with masonry veneer. The roof system consists of steel joist and membrane roof at the low-slope roofs, and steel trusses and metal roofing at the sloped roofs.

The HVAC system features a dedicated makeup air system to pre-condition the ventilation air. An energy-recovery wheel in the makeup air unit reduces the energy demand for the operating cost of providing ventilation air. Common spaces, such as gymnasiums, have carbon-dioxide sensors to reduce energy demand when the spaces are lightly occupied and increase the ventilation when spaces are occupied for larger events. The HVAC systems are controlled by an energy-management system that is monitored off-site by district personnel. The facility uses logic controls to communicate over the district’s wide-area network. Lighting is provided via T8 energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs.