Oakview Elementary School, Additions and Renovations

West Middlesex, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    HHSDR Architects/Engineers


    West Middlesex Area School District

  • AREA

    56,710 sq.ft.





Expansion of this elementary facility housing grades 4 to 6 provides not only enhanced educational programs for building occupants, but also flexibility of space to be shared with the adjacent K-3 elementary facility and the nearby junior/senior high facility.

Situated to one end of the existing facility, a large, single-story addition connects the facility to the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY375COST PER SQ FT$132.55FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio elementary. The building houses music and band rooms, offices, a nurses’ suite, a multipurpose room, locker rooms, a kitchen and a boiler room. Centrally situated to the renovated classrooms and computer labs, a smaller addition houses the multiuse library.

The existing building envelope was renovated to blend the new and existing designs and to aesthetically unify the campus facilities. This was done by using similar face brick, and split-face and ground-face block patterns.

The main entrance/lobby features a tiered, curved metal roof canopy, reflected in interior tiered ceiling levels. This design element of accenting the ceiling is continued throughout the building with several bulkhead accents defining special-use spaces.

The design achieves an environment that responds to the physical, intellectual, psychological and social needs of students, complete with modern mechanical, electrical, security, communications and technology systems.