Lincoln Elementary School (Nanticoke, Pa.)

Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Lincoln Elementary School is attached to a new middle school and an existing kindergarten center, and was designed to be an integral part of the high school and middle school campus.

The new middle school and elementary school buildings can share small- and large-group instruction areas. Each building can overflow into the other where there is a particularly large ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMForeman Program and Construction Managers, Inc.CAPACITY796COST PER SQ FT$129.37FEATURED IN2003 Architectural Portfolio in one grade level, thereby accommodating growth. These facilities also share an elevator.

Two open areas are being used as a play area at one side of the complex, and a bus drop and parking lot on the other side. This separates traffic from the play areas, consolidates all play areas, and separates bus and parking traffic.

This facility has been designed with attention to sustainability of systems and materials. A geothermal HVAC system and efficient lighting systems have been incorporated into the design to save energy.

The new school, along with the new middle school, unites the varying styles of architecture existing on the campus. The simple facade serves to strengthen the unity throughout.