Timber Creek High School, Instructional Media Center

Blackwood, New Jersey

  • FIRM

    The Gibson Tarquini Group


    Black Horse Pike Regional School District

  • AREA

    276,000 sq.ft.





The fundamental goal of the media center at Timber Creek High School was to provide an organized space for quiet study and group interaction. The center will function as an information hub and a bridge across interdisciplinary boundaries that creates a new environment to inspire team participation.

The reading room is arranged in a radial plan to encourage ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$113.75FEATURED IN2003 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers and provide maximum supervision from a centralized circulation desk. Exposed structural elements allow for an abundance of clerestory lighting, which minimizes glare. A two-story library lobby at the core of the hub links the school to the community and provides gallery space for student work.

The technology-driven media center is designed to be used by the public after school hours for adult-education programs and community group meetings. This dual-use concept demonstrates the shared commitment between the district and the local community.

Principals of green architecture were incorporated into the design, including the use of natural lighting as a significant lighting strategy. Lighting, electrical and mechanical systems that require less maintenance were specified.