Moreland Hills Elementary School

Pepper Pike, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Fanning Howey


    Orange City Schools

  • AREA

    124,875 sq.ft.





Moreland Hills Elementary School is a 1,000-student school, accommodating grades pre-K to 5. The building is set on a 188-acre campus in a beautiful woodland environment.

The school’s educational program and building design place a strong emphasis on developing student connections to the surrounding environment, especially nature and the outdoors. Students and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$87.00FEATURED IN2003 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYLibraries/Media Centers enjoy lovely vistas from almost every interior location, including the light-filled media center. Here, students can read and study by expansive windows overlooking the woods and streams nearby.

The media center features a flexible mix of reference and instructional space, as well as soft-seating areas. Children enjoy sitting on the carpet or the “mushroom” stools scattered about the room. A large, sunlit alcove features floor-to-ceiling windows for casual reading or small gatherings. The center’s finishes and furniture reflect natural motifs, including a neutral palette, stained woods and a leaf design in the casework laminates. The space also includes a number of areas for creating displays and showcasing children’s work.