Pennsylvania State University, Altoona Campus, Cedar Hall

Altoona, Pennsylvania

Quality of life was emphasized by the Pennsylvania State University in the brief for a new 360-student residence hall on the Altoona Campus. This meant providing students with a friendly environment of indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, study areas, convenient and safe laundry facilities, student controlled air conditioning, fully computer-wired resident rooms and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMWilliam Turnbull AssociatesCAPACITY360COST PER SQ FT$90.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio1998 Educational Interiors natural light. The university also required an efficient structure that met their budgetary needs.

The key to Cedar Hall’s success is the special feel designed into the building’s tightly controlled private and public spaces. Double and single bedrooms have generous operable windows, and most share a convenient, full bathroom. The efficient layout of the student rooms allow for public rooms that feature expansive spatial treatments and rich surface materials. Warm-toned masonry walls in the gathering spaces provide comfortable and durable interiors that are expanded spatially by the extensive use of glass, offering spectacular views of the beautiful campus and the surrounding mountains.

Photographer: ©Mark Samu