Rum River Elementary School

Andover, Minnesota

Rum River Elementary School is designed to accommodate secure, after-hours use by the community. Public spaces, such as the gymnasium, the cafeteria and the media center, can be accessed easily while the classroom wings are locked and secure.

The learning environment is set up with houses for each grade. Each house includes classrooms, a flexible team-learning ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,350COST PER SQ FT$116.20FEATURED IN2003 Educational Interiors2003 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYClassrooms (FTLA) and storage space. Two of these classrooms have operable wall systems between them for flexibility. These rooms also open directly to the corridor so the room could be assigned to another house if necessary. All have lockers in the classroom, which provides improved supervision. The media center is at the heart of the school, near the main public entrance and administrative offices, and is accessed easily by all houses, as well as for after-hours use.

Natural daylighting was an important design element throughout the building. Light from the two-story glass penetrates deep into the FTLAs in each house. Classrooms, as well as the internal parts of the facility, receive natural light to create a healthy learning environment. The building’s few internal classrooms have skylights to bring light into those spaces.