Benilde-St. Margaret's

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Benilde-St. Margaret’s wanted spaces that reached out to the greater community and complemented their learning environment:

-A new library placed near the entry for community and after-hours functions.

-A new auditorium that gives the community a proper acoustic and outfitted space for drama and music programs.

-A new chapel at the heart of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2003 Educational Interiors2003 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYChapels/Worship Centers program and school that offers the community an opportunity to further connect with the school.

A major concern this parochial school organization faced was that three administrative groups and two schools that previously were scattered throughout the campus needed to be consolidated and reorganized to connect to the existing parking/site entry area. The benefits of the consolidation and reorganization of the elements have been:

-Increased security and supervision from the office to entry area.

-The clear marking of where the only main entry is situated.

-Physically connecting the parking to the main entry.

-The flexibility that the lobby space and the library offer to the entry dropoff area.

The appearance of the school also was enhanced by providing a chapel tower along the street side with a 40-foot-tall cross icon that reaches nearly 70 feet in the air. This provides the school with a community icon that announces that this is a religious institution placed for their use.