University of Delaware, Allan P. Colburn Laboratory Addition

Newark, Delaware

  • FIRM

    KSS Architects LLP


    Andrew Welsh, Director of Facilities Planning

  • AREA

    105,000 sq.ft.





The architect completed a study to determine future facility needs and organized these in a master plan for growth over a 10-year period. The study revealed that existing laboratories needed significant upgrades, including improved ventilation, and 40,000 square feet of new lab space.

The L-shaped addition, which wraps the 65,000-square-foot existing building, places ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$297.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio new service chase between the new labs and the existing building. Because of this unique addition, the existing labs were renovated for improved ventilation, enhanced electrical power, safety (sprinklers, chemical storage and gas cabinets) and a chilled loop for equipment. Through the service chase, the labs can be modified at any point without disturbing the functions of other labs.

The new laboratories were designed with flexible modular layouts that can be altered when the need arises. Features include demountable casework and a unistrut suspended ceiling system in each lab, movable furniture and freestanding equipment. Metal panels providing various lab utilities are located over the fume hoods for immediate availability and use tie-in.

The facade is consistent with the Georgian character of the existing quad. A new, two-story high front door enhances the department’s presence on campus, as do cast stone insets featuring chemical engineering formulas.

Photographer: ©Matt Wargo Photography