Linkhorn Park Elementary School

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Virginia Beach City Public Schools wanted a prototype elementary school with core facilities for 800 students and one that was adaptable to three different sites.

The educational program was developed based on the following: to create a facility that eases the transition for the child away from home; employ educational concepts of organization that allow teachers ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMASA ArchitectsCAPACITY750COST PER SQ FT$89.28FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio perform exceptionally; and develop a flexible facility that has multiple uses for the school and community.

Linkhorn Park Elementary’s design centers around an open courtyard that brings natural daylighting into the center of the school. The adjoining commons area connects to administration and guidance offices, the media center, gymnasium and cafetorium. General and special-education classrooms, work rooms and fine-arts functions are located in academic wings, which also connect to the main commons area.

The single-story building is constructed of brick and masonry exterior bearing walls with steel framed interior columns and sloped roof structure cones. All scale forms and materials relate to the surrounding communities, and the selection of building systems allowed for rapid construction.

Photographer: ©Mark Atkinson