Pingree School, Campus Study Plan

South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Established in 1961, Pingree is an independent high school tucked among pastures and state parks in South Hamilton, Mass. The master plan restores the school’s rural charm and strengthens its educational mission.

The plan has three focal points: academics, arts and athletics. The historic main building will continue to serve as the school’s formal front door and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFEATURED IN2002 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYCampus Master Planning center. The cafeteria, known as the Commons, and the theater also will remain in use. All other structures will be replaced to form one integrated campus.

The plan calls for most community access to occur in a secondary entrance, and the entire campus will be connected via an internal “main street” with views of the pond and playing fields. New facilities will include a three-story academic wing, ice rink and fieldhouse, which will have architectural cues borrowed from the historic main buildings. Pingree’s programmatic layout responds to its daily educational routines. Students arrive at the rear of the building and work to core classes via the main corridor (past arts and athletics). Later in the day, students return to the arts and athletics facilities, then leave through the secondary entrance between the ice rink and fieldhouse. Parking and traffic circulation will be rerouted to the perimeter of the campus. The entire facility nestles among green playing fields that highlight Pingree’s rural character.

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