Colby College, Anthony Mitchell Schupf Residence Hall

Waterville, Maine

  • FIRM

    CBT Architects


    Colby College

  • AREA

    56,789 sq.ft.





Colby College stated several objectives for its new residence hall, all of which were achieved in its design: extension of the learning experience by facilitating communication among its residents and increasing interaction among the different classes; diversification of on-campus residential life by introducing group living environments; an environment ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY141COST PER SQ FT$101.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio upperclassmen, and especially seniors, can enjoy added privacy; an aesthetic that harmonizes with the existing Georgian Revival campus context.

The new residence hall is located on the northern edge of the campus, and serves as a point of transition from the formal academic buildings of the campus to the informally sited residence halls in the wooded area beyond. The building’s brick exterior blends easily with the Georgian architecture that dominates the campus, while the angle created by the two wings on either side of the main entrance establishes a relationship with the angle of the buildings in front of the hall. The third wing, which can be seen from the back of the hall, responds to the less-structured setting of the adjacent wooded area.

Photographer: ©Sam Gray Photography