Washburn University of Topeka, Living Learning Center

Topeka, Kansas

  • FIRM

    Treanor Architects, PA


    Washburn University of Topeka

  • AREA

    120,000 sq.ft.





Washburn University’s mission for this project was “to create a Living Learning Center that is an attractive, comfortable residential community that will focus and stimulate more active campus life, which is supported by improvements to services of the Student Union for all students.” The project created a residential college, living and learning environment that ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$134.83FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio a closer relationship between students’ classroom experiences and what occurs outside the classroom.

Primary design goals:

- Make this facility a fun, exciting and stimulating environment.

- Improve food-service offerings.

- Increase the number of students living on campus.

- Add 400 new beds.

- Provide cost-effective and efficient student-housing operations.

- Create an aesthetically appealing and functional living environment.

The result was housing for 400 students in a combination of four-person suites and single rooms, apartments for a resident director and a faculty member, academic seminar spaces, lounges, a reading room for faculty and students, and a food court accessible to all students.