Lincoln Elementary School (Merrillan, Wisc.)

Merrillan, Wisconsin

The voters of this rural school district overwhelming supported a referendum to replace two aging, multi-story elementary schools with a new, two and one-half section elementary school to better meet the educational and accessibility needs of the students and community.

The plane is divided into four wings and a central core. The core houses ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$63.67FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio library, offices, lunchroom, and other shared program spaces. Three wings are devoted to classrooms and are divided into lower, middle and upper primary grades, with each wing allowing for future expansion. The fourth wing houses the athletic and music programs.

The school challenged the design team to expand the excitement of learning beyond the walls of the classrooms. Three educational nodes at corridor intersections were created for investigation of earth, water and sky themes through interactive technology stations, displays and planters, an aquarium and an aviary.

Exterior brick patterns, column detailing and various building massing provide a building that is appropriately scaled for elementary children and enhances the stimulating learning environment.

Photographer: ©Becker Communications