University of Central Florida, Engineering Building II

Orlando, Florida

Experiencing rapid growth, the University of Central Florida needed more space to accommodate its 4,500-student College of Engineering and Computer Sciences. Its existing 1960s engineering building strained to support the university’s stature as one of the nation’s top universities in computer technology.

The new four-story Engineering Building II reflects the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$138.66FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio environment of the future. Natural light, building orientation, durable construction materials and advanced technology were design aspects of the building. The atrium enfolds the original building and the new building, incorporating “engineering art”—serpentine metal for the fire-sprinkler system, engineered tree columns and other whimsical engineering elements. It gives students and faculty a stimulating environment for exhibiting engineering feats, educational demonstrations and gatherings.

Technology includes stacked labs for flexibility and the latest media teaching. Progressive design maximizes adaptability to accommodate future technological advances by anticipating wiring needs and wireless capabilities.

A prominent front door extends visual strength to Engineering II. It is situated to form a quadrangle with the recently constructed classroom and health and public affairs buildings.