Hanover College, Science Center

Hanover, Indiana

Hanover College, founded in 1827, is the oldest private college in Indiana.

The Science Center project was completed in two phases to allow the academic calendar to remain intact. Phase one involved an 80,000-square-foot addition onto Goodrich Hall. The new facility houses the departments of biology, chemistry and psychology. Specialized lab spaces ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$176.25FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio faculty/student research labs, electron microscopes, organic-chemistry labs, instrumentation labs, animal colony and tissue-culture laboratories. Faculty offices were dispersed throughout the facility to provide for ample interaction between students and faculty.

Laboratory spaces were designed to support and encourage research by faculty and students. The facility contains several independent study spaces where research efforts can occur over the entire semester under the guidance of a faculty member.

A two-story atrium space connects the new addition with the existing Goodrich Hall. This link provides an opportunity for social interaction. In addition, lounge furniture lets students remain in the building between classes.

Phase two of the project involved the renovation of Goodrich Hall. This building now accommodates dry laboratory spaces for the physics and geology departments. In addition, academic spaces for the entire campus community are on the first floor of the facility. The facility includes two-tiered lecture halls, audiovisual systems and seminar-type seating arrangements. A sun- tracking heliostat allows physics students to use natural sunlight within the laboratory environment.