Wayne County High School

Jesup, Georgia

Upon entering Wayne County High School, one is immediately struck by not only its immense size, but also the numerous design elements that set it apart and make it a showplace for the community. The initial impression of grandeur is created through the use of high ceilings, large open spaces, extensive windows, an interior staircase and accompanying ramp, and a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,925COST PER SQ FT$79.53FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio second-floor balcony. It is continued throughout the school with intricate interior brickwork, terrazzo flooring, outdoor colonnades and massive concrete entrance arches with converging skylights. The building makes one long to be back in high school.

The 254,000-square-foot school features a 1,140-seat performing-arts auditorium with red oak stage, full rigging and acoustically designed ceilings, as well as a 2,000-seat gymnasium with a separate concession stand, varsity and junior varsity locker rooms, and a large weightroom. Both the auditorium and gymnasium have separate second-floor access.

The administration and food-service areas are within the main commons to assist faculty in supervision. The large, centrally located media center serves as an ideal environment for study with wall-to-wall carpeting, inviting colors and an abundance of natural light. The instructional units are organized into four wings and have fully equipped science and vocational labs.