California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Carson, California

  • FIRM

    HMC Architects


    California State University—Dominguez Hills/Lolng Beach Unified School District

  • AREA

    35,500 sq.ft.





The California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) is a comprehensive four-year public high school on the campus of California State University—Dominguez Hills. The academy offers an innovative “model” curriculum that focuses on mathematics and science. A joint-use agreement allows for the sharing of facilities between CAMS and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY620COST PER SQ FT$154.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio university.

The challenge given to the architect was to integrate CAMS into the university, preserve its individual character as a high school campus, and be expressive of the math and science curriculum. The architect used a Cartesian grid to organize the campus. Geometric and fractal forms are used to create major massing elements that define the campus and create gateway elements to the university.

The academy anchors the south end of the university’s major promenade to serve as the gateway facility. The edges of the academy are defined by the entry, administration building and the classroom pods, which are clustered around the central courtyard. A pedestrian walkway, linking the classroom pods, terminates at a science lab building that is housed in a truncated circular building form. Smaller exterior courtyards were created between the classroom pods.