Kennard-Dale High School

Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Gilbert Architects Inc.


    South Eastern School District

  • AREA

    186,000 sq.ft.





Situated in rural southeastern Pennsylvania just north of the Maryland border, the new Kennard-Dale High School opened in 2001. Designed for grades 9 to12, this two-story, three-wing facility was built adjacent to the existing campus.

Branching off the center core area that houses a fully appointed 750-seat auditorium, a 4,700-square-foot media center, a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,246COST PER SQ FT$89.05FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio laboratory, and an administrative suite, are two academic wings. These wings contain classrooms; science, business and computer laboratories; technical/trade shops; art rooms; a 13,560-square-foot, 1,400-seat, full-competition gymnasium; and cafeteria facilities.

The auditorium has a full-fly stage; catwalks for a double row of lights; a sound and lighting control room; retractable acoustical curtains to brighten or deaden sound and acoustical clouds designed for optimum, balanced sound distribution; a projection booth; and a performers’ green room. Using movable partitions, the gymnasium can be converted to three separate teaching stations.

Outdoor athletic facilities, which are shared with the middle schools, include an eight-lane all-weather track with a multipurpose in-field area that accommodates field hockey, football and soccer. Other fields include baseball, softball and field hockey.