Desert Edge High School

Goodyear, Arizona

This 55-acre site accommodates the school’s needs all under one roof. District, staff, parent, teacher and student input identified shared goals of the district and the Arizona School Facilities Board to provide maximum building and educational space.

Program requirements included a bookstore with school spirit, direct relationship of classrooms to counseling and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$91.40FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio planning, and initial classroom space for 800 students, with the core sized for 1,600.

The bookstore is near the front entry with maximum student exposure and emphasis on school spirit. Consistent with the district’s goal to “mentor all students with every teacher serving as a mentor,” teacher planning is grouped in six offices close to students. Glass walls allow openness and encourage student access to teacher mentors.

Construction materials are concrete, slab-on-grade, masonry walls. The roof is a hybrid built-up on metal deck and steel joists. HVAC central cooling and heating uses two centrifugal chillers with hydronic economy cycles. The plate and frame heat exchanger are controlled by direct-digital-control systems. Lighting is fluorescent T-8 electronic ballasts with 20,000-hour-rated life to decrease maintenance.