Brooks School, Campus Center

North Andover, Massachusetts

The Brooks School Campus Center is meant to be the center of community life for this small boarding school.

The building’s upper level contains a lobby, two dining rooms and a servery. Looking like a single-story building, the upper level faces a lushly landscaped main street where it gently closes ranks with traditional white clapboard school buildings ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY425COST PER SQ FT$253.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio barn-like structures. The entry foyer and private dining rooms are under a pavilion-like pyramidal roof that acts as a new campus landmark. Within the pavilion, an outdoor stair descends to a lower courtyard. In front of the dining room a low stone wall defines a sitting terrace.

The building’s lower level, not readily apparent from the street, contains student lounges, a retail store, post office, kitchen and storage spaces. Rooms in the lower level look onto an interior main street that spills out to a south-facing courtyard.

The main dining room and lobby are designed to convey the strong New England traditions of the school. Cherry paneling on the walls and ceiling is durable and warm. Lighting and special equipment in the dining room make it a functional space for student tests as well as for viewing film.