Sycamore High School, Performing Arts Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

  • FIRM

    BHDP Architecture


    Sycamore Community School District

  • AREA

    25,000 sq.ft.





The design of this new theater provides not only a great performance space, but also a great teaching classroom.

The district wanted to increase the awareness and involvement of students in the fine arts by integrating the theater into the school. Lighting and display options create a gallery to showcase student achievement and recognize their work in the most ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY630COST PER SQ FT$260.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio areas.

The center provides a superior performance space with the flexibility to support multiple functions. The entire house is part of the stage. A wide proscenium increases the number of seats along the stage. An orchestra pit lift converts the stage to a thrust arrangement, and side stage wing extensions wrap the audience with a connection to the main cross aisle.

Unique to the theater is the effort to create a classroom that engages students in experiencing the workings of a theater production. Key to this environment is maximizing visual supervision at a glance to all aspects of performance, including scenery, sound and lighting.

The theater proscenium is 45 feet wide and 18 feet high with a stage that is 36 feet deep. The stage can be expanded nine feet with a lift installed in the orchestra pit. Above the stage is a full-fly space for 28 different drops.