Shahala Middle School

Vancouver, Washington

  • FIRM

    LSW Architects, PC


    Evergreen School District

  • AREA

    104,500 sq.ft.





The project encompasses the development of a 47-acre campus, including this new 900-student middle school, built in conjunction with Illahee Elementary School and Fisher Basin Community Park. The design and planning for the school was a community-based process from concept to reality. Natural lighting, environmentally friendly materials, advanced mechanical controls ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$124.00FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio up-to-date data systems help to advance the instructional environment available to the students and staff.

This project began with an intensive design symposium, during which staff members, students, administrators and neighbors, as well as the architects and city staff, brainstormed ideas for the best middle school they could imagine. After two days of discussion, sketching and designing, the group developed several options and designs that ultimately were merged together and refined.

The community and district emphasized sustainability and environmentally responsible design as important factors. The school uses recycled content and low-VOC materials. Durable and low-maintenance materials are used, and a series of light scoops and clerestory windows are organized carefully to maximize solar exposure. This project managed to minimize its ecological footprint, while remaining below state averages for construction costs.