Kalamazoo Christian West Elementary School

Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • FIRM



    Kalamazoo Christian School Association

  • AREA

    53,400 sq.ft.





Kalamazoo Christian West Elementary School was designed to be safe, welcoming and able to accommodate various users.

The facility serves up to 455 students, as well as families, church groups and community gatherings. Materials and proportions are child-oriented. The floor plan is simple and easily understood. Secondary color accents add visual interest and assist ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY455COST PER SQ FT$103.01FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio wayfinding. A building focal point and the primary entry and exit, the skylighted entry lobby is adjacent to the office to allow for passive monitoring of visitors and students. Parking and bus dropoff areas are on separate sides of the building; the play fields are the farthest removed from the delivery-vehicle drives.

The 17-classroom building sits on a 96-acre campus just west of Kalamazoo. It includes a folding stage for school productions, preschool and before- and after-school core facilities. Separate buzz-in-system entrances have been installed for dropoff and pickup. The large gymnasium serves as a practice site for middle and high school sports teams and after-hours use by community groups. The facility is air-conditioned and compartmentalized for multiple activities.