Lanesborough Elementary School

Lanesborough, Massachusetts

The town of Lanesborough, Mass., built the new Lanesborough Elementary School. The single-story facility houses 350 students in grades pre-K to 6, provides an updated educational program and was designed to simplify community use.

One of the main design features is the placement of the gymnasium, stage, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY350COST PER SQ FT$125.06FEATURED IN2002 Architectural Portfolio and computer rooms— all at one end of the school. By incorporating these facilities in a core area, the facilities can be accessed more easily by the community. The public does not have to wander through classroom areas, and the school does not need to light or secure areas that are not in use.

At the opposite end of the facility, kindergarten rooms have direct access to outdoor play areas through individual exits. The kindergartners also have their own outdoor play area separate from the higher grades. Other improvements at the school include a new soccer field and an outdoor hard-surface court.