Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School

Long Prairie, Minnesota

Situated on a sloping site, the new high school responds to the site with three levels: a mid-level main student/public entry floor, a lower tuck-under academic level, and an upper academic level over the locker rooms and building service areas.

The planning concept organizes the new high school around a mall-like triangular commons with the media center, gymnasium ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$84.00FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio auditorium acting as main anchors of the school, and with food service at the triangle’s apex.

The academic areas of the school are structured on the house-concept type of small-group teaching, a school within a school. Each house has academic classrooms clustered around a collaborative, multi-use learning area.

The school is also energy-conscious, using ground-source for heating and cooling in lieu of typical fossil fuels. Large windows and skylights provide natural light to minimize the use of artificial lighting.

The media center is designed to allow both student and after-hours use. Access is provided from the academic classroom wing during school hours and public access from the commons area after hours. The gymnasium can be subdivided into two basketball courts and, along with the auxiliary gym, can be opened into a large arena for community events.

Photographer: ©Sarri & Forrai Photography