Beacon Cove Elementary School

Jupiter, Florida

  • FIRM

    Song & Associates


    School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

  • AREA

    113,800 sq.ft.





At Beacon Cove Elementary School, the architect incorporated innovative technology into the facility’s media center, with the aim of creating a sustainable and forward-looking educational program. The design provides a media center capable of delivering a range of programs, two dedicated computer labs and eight stations within each classroom. With an eye toward ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$88.75FEATURED IN2002 Educational Interiors2002 Architectural PortfolioINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas computer and media advancements, the architect created a media center that emphasizes sustainability and flexibility, and in turn promotes that idea as a solution to large and complex social issues students and educators face outside the classroom.

The design considers every facet of the facility and site in relation to how it enhances students’ and educators’ school experience. The exterior courtyard and voluminous stairway communicate the notion of community, and encourage the free exchange of ideas and development of relationships. This also occurs at the exterior courtyard space, which has a stage and informal seating.

The compact modular design allows for only two major points of entry, which are clearly distinguished from each other.