Zionsville Middle School

Zionsville, Indiana

  • FIRM

    Fanning Howey


    Zionsville Community Schools

  • AREA

    249,932 sq.ft.





Zionsville Middle School is a 1,600-student facility in a growing community near Indianapolis. To meet the challenges of an unusual grade 5-8 configuration, the 250,000-square-foot building essentially was divided in half, placing grades 5 and 6 and grades 7 and 8 on opposite sides with shared exploratory and common areas.

Administrative offices and a large-group ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$108.25CITATIONBronze CitationFEATURED IN2002 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYCommon Areas area are situated centrally on the first floor, and the media center is situated centrally on the second floor. A two-story entry space provides natural light to the media center.

A large commons area in the public wing provides a vibrant place for students to gather and hold events, while also providing access and surge space for the athletic areas, the auditeria and the exploratory areas.

The site includes a nature study area and athletic fields and courts. The school’s brick exterior complements the neighborhood architecture. Some interior walls are brick; other materials include concrete block walls and quarry, porcelain and ceramic tile. The mechanical system features a fan-powered VAV system and water-cooled chillers.

“A grand value for a common space. Nice use of materials.” 2002 jury