Portage High School

Portage, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    Bray Architects


    Portage School District

  • AREA

    202,127 sq.ft.





The new Portage High School was designed with departmental resource centers surrounded by classrooms to allow students to meet in small or large groups, yet be observed from classrooms, teacher planning areas and a conference room. This design allows each department the opportunity to create a learning environment tailored to its specific goals and methodology.

To ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY950COST PER SQ FT$70.81FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio community educational needs and still maintain security, the IMC and technology center were designed as an appendage at the west end of the facility, while the gym, auditorium, and commons areas are located at the east end of the facility.

Natural daylighting to classrooms and a narrow site configuration required the facility be linear; however, departmental relationships were still maintained.

The facility is located on the same contiguous property as two elementary schools and the existing high school, which was recently converted to a middle school for grades 6-8. Due to the large, campus-like setting, special attention was given to bus staging, parent pickup and parking to ensure student safety and efficient vehicular flow.

Photographer: ©Shay/Puetzer Photography