Eastport/South Manor Secondary School

Manorville, New York

The building plan is organized to enhance a variety of teaching approaches for students in grade-level groups 7-8 and 9-12. To reduce the building size and create a feeling of an academic village, the program is arranged in subgroups and placed in smaller connected buildings around two outdoor courtyards. High school and junior high core academic areas are separate ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY2,200COST PER SQ FT$188.50FEATURED IN2001 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress adjacent. Student areas such as cafeterias, music rehearsal and physical education facilities are kept separate.

Major community areas and visitor/community entrances are organized along a central pedestrian walkway. Main Street is the thread that links the individual building components. This unifying architectural element allows easy and secured access to the library, guidance and administrative offices, gymnasiums and auditorium, through the circular rotunda. Located at the heart of this composition, the library and the data and video network operations center reinforce the importance of learning. To the south are the core academic groupings with a backbone of science labs that are linked and directly accessible from each of the three neighborhoods. To the north, the arts, performing arts, and athletic facilities are close to the community entrance. The student cafeterias are organized along a secondary street and visually connect to the courtyard.

Tuscan-style columns, aluminum cornices, and a pitched metal roof complement and reinforce the classical design. Interior materials include decorative columns with brick bases, scored concrete masonry, gypsum-board bulkheads, fabric-wrapped acoustical panels, glass-block wall accents and acoustical tile ceilings. Porcelain tile flooring is used in the public spaces, carpet in the instructional areas for acoustical considerations and vinyl composition tile in the science lab.

Heating and cooling is provided by a fan-powered variable-air-volume system with hot-water heat and chilled-water cooling.