Whitefield Academy, Gymnasium

Mableton, Georgia

  • FIRM

    Perkins and Will


    Whitefield Academy

  • AREA

    37,500 sq.ft.





Whitefield Academy is named for a 19th-century Anglican minister. Complementing the philosophy of the school and its teachings, the buildings reflect the architecture of early America.

The gym is an inexpensive pre-engineered building clad in metal siding and dressed up with a stone base, recalling the rural barns of early America. The facility has a double practice ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$56.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized configuration; bleachers for 1,000 spectators; weightroom, wrestling room; locker rooms; coaches offices; and a multipurpose lobby/lunchroom and kitchen.

Nestled into the hillside, the building has an entrance on the second level that leads down to the court floor. The lower-court level with the adjacent locker rooms, weightroom and training room opens on grade to the playing fields.

The site had two major ridges on which the academic quad and athletic facilities have been situated. This athletic facility and site- development project represent the first phase of a master plan for a new independent school for grades 5 to 12 in suburban Atlanta.