Bucknell University, Sigfried Weis Music Building

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Schmidt Associates


    Bucknell University

  • AREA

    31,507 sq.ft.





Serving as the new home for the music department at Bucknell University, the Sigfried Weis Music Building includes a recital hall, music library, classrooms, faculty studios and student practice rooms. Specialized laboratories for computerized music functions provide access to recording/playback equipment and keyboarding stations.

A special display of historic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMMathes Brierre ArchitectsCAPACITY150COST PER SQ FT$156.44FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio instruments from a donated private collection greets visitors to the building. Faculty offices/studios facilitate individual and small ensemble practice with students. The 150-seat recital hall also functions as a large instructional space.

In the design process, each stakeholder was encouraged to verbalize a vision for the building. The design team also observed the campus building context and circulation patterns to provide a better understanding of the culture of Bucknell University.

The Sigfried Weis Music Building houses more than 30,000 square feet of acoustical integrity, providing resources to Bucknell University students and faculty for generations to come.